Hawaii’s Got A Rainforest. What’s Your State Got?

When we think rainforests, we think Amazon, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and Malaysia. I’m sure very few ever think of Hawaii. Yup, Hawaii is home to the only rainforest in the United States of America. The land covered by rain forests in Hawaii is some of the most diverse and rich biological ecologies on earth due to the fact that Hawaii remained un-touched for some 70 million years by any human contact.

There are actually so many kinds of rainforest that exist in Hawaii that it’s overwhelming to consider all of the various different types. There are bogs, which are where rainfall is unable to drain and collects causing bushes and shrubs. Unlike the low-laying bogs, there are also Wet Forests which are a middle-elevation rainforest climate that include the canopy plant as well as an extreme diversity of different trees, palms and flowers.

The diversity of animal species in Hawaii’s rain forests in so incredible as well. Specifically, snails and birds are among the most plentiful, interesting and biologically diverse in the population when compared to other popular rainforests in the world. Bring a pair of binoculars and maybe a fancy camera with a high-powered zoom to really take in all of the lush scenery and make the most of your journey into the Hawaiian wild!

If you are a lover of flowers, the botany of the Hawaiian Moist Forests is one rife with Orchids and gorgeous long-strung vines hanging from high canopies in the tree-screened blue sky. It wouldn’t even be a bit strange to have a caterpillar fall from one of the high leaves into your hair– It happens all the time, depending where you stand. The vast diversity of even caterpillar species in Hawaii is enough to make even the greatest minds ponder with wonder and admiration at nature’s abundance and glory.

Everybody I knew, including me had been of the impression that Hawaii was all about beaches, bikinis and gnarly waves. It turns out there is a wealth of biological and scientific wonder to behold, just off the main paths. Of course, always be prepared with the proper tools, equipment and information before embarking into nature, go check http://www.hawaiianlenses.com for details and more travel tips. The creatures that live out there find you just as foreign to them as they are to you. With preparation, the sights you’ll find will be impossible to ever forget!